Friday, November 20, 2009


I sometimes get asked if I do portraits, and yes I do. Sometimes. This one of me & the boys was my first.One of my friends, Terry, the fisherman artist.
One of my friend's newborn girl.

Another friend's girl

One done for work with a not-so-great photo reference.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Art Show

Goodness, it's been a while. I have a show at Los Olivos Community Center on 28th Street, one block north of Indian School (the street it is on is called Devonshire). Inside the center is a room dedicated as an art gallery called Devonshire Art Gallery. Not your typical art gallery that draws big money or art patrons, but I don't mind that so much. Just a chance to show a bit of what I have been doing. It is nice to see everything together in one room and lit nicely in a gallery style.
Here is the show - in no particular order:

Bell of Boyce Thompson

This is from an old building at Boyce Thompson Arboritum just east of Mesa

Bird of Paradise
One of my first color attempts - the yellow was/is from a yellow highlighter

Prickly Pear Flower
Larger than most - 11X14

North Pole Express

I've done a Christmas card for the last 4 years, this was 2008's

Tulips in the Morning Light
This was a challenge in the Pen & Ink Forum at

Rose Garden
I tried to make one huge rose, but had a hard time of it and ended up with a bunch more

Forest Light
I liked the light filtering through the trees

Saguaro Skeleton
Saguaros are cool - dead or alive

Cat's Eyes
Can you see what he sees? cats in the window!

Into Deeper Waters (We All Must Go)
Took these 3 reference shots in Hawaii years ago and always had in mind to do this. This is in colored pencil

Hopi Bowl
Also colored pencil I did this one for Pueblo Grande Museum

Den Mother
My only oval drawing I took this shot of a coyote looking back in South Mountain Park. I used another picture of a feather. Originally this was for a brochure cover for South Mountain that never got used...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Silent Auction

I am donating the following drawings to Cornerstone Church in Chandler, Arizona. There are already 5 services per Sunday, and with the current rate of expansion, even with 7 services a week, people will be turned away from lack of space. 'Flood the Desert' is an expansion project including a huge new building which looks forward to the continued working of the Holy Spirit in the community.
On November 15, this Saturday, there will be a silent auction to sell donated works symbolizing the 'Flood the Desert' theme. The auction is the kick-off to a fund-raising campaign for the new building project. I get no compensation for my art, my time, matting and framing. I do believe God has gifted me with a talent for art, and I am humbly giving to Him some of my 'first-fruits' if you will. The first piece was completed last year, and is one of my favorites (difficult to let go, but when I think of who gives me the time and the ability and the health to be able to do these drawings, I have no problem giving something back). The second is an earlier piece from 2005. I really like it also, even though I believe I have improved enough that if I were to redo it, I could perhaps make it much better.
IF YOU would like to purchase one or the other of these ORIGINAL pieces of art (each matted and framed to 11" x 14") I would be more than willing to bid for you on Saturday at the silent auction. Just let me know the max bid you would be willing to give the Church for it (remember, none of the money goes to me) and I will overbid others by the minimum amount up to your limit. If you would like to offer more than it is worth or just plain donate something to this worthwhile cause, either click on the link for Cornerstone above or contact me.
By the way, I will personally ship the framed drawing free of charge if you do make the high bid!
If you are interested in a print of one or both of these, let me know and I will begin that process. If i ever get around to making prints, I am setting aside the first 20% of all sales for the church. I haven't checked into pricing yet on the prints, but please let me know if there is an interest!
Beauty in the Beast
The sheer size and beauty of cactus flowers are always impressive, but compared to the cactus itself they are very fragile. To conserve water many cactus flowers open late in the afternoon and close up for good in the heat of the following day. 'Flooding the desert' will allow us and others, as the living water reaches them, to display God's riches and his love for us for many years to come.
Value: $950
Opening Bid: $200
Reach for the Sky
God's hand is evident in all creation and, to me, in the diversity and beauty of the desert. Just the smallest amounts of water help cactus grow to amazing heights. As we 'flood the desert' we will be helping many in the desert to grow and reach upwards toward Heaven.

Value: $450
Opening bid: $100



I am a drawing artist. This blog will show my work and offer originals for sale. If there is enough interest, I will be producing prints to sell at a reasonable rate.

Dan Gronseth
Mesa Arizona